User Requirments for Video Monitors in Television Production EBU Tech.3320 Ver.4.0

This document defines classes of broadcast video monitors, and their application areas in television

production. It also defines the technical characteristics required for these monitors. EBU Tech 3325

specifies the measurement methodologies for each of the parameters described here.

Broadcast monitors are used in a professional TV production environment for evaluation and control

of the images being produced, and as such shall provide reliable and repeatable results.

The purpose of a monitor is to display the signal as it is, and it shall not attempt to ‘enhance’ or

otherwise alter the image. It is therefore unlikely that consumer devices will be able to meet these

requirements for use in a television production environment. Home television receiver requirements

and monitor requirements for computer and data processing techniques are not within the scope of

this document.

It should be noted that the HDR Standards referred to in Part 2, are still relatively immature and it

is expected that updates and revisions to these Standards documents will occur. This document

represents the requirements of EBU members. It will be revised as and when needed to reflect the

published versions of the HDR Standards documents and internationally agreed best industry practice.